About Us

With over 20 years of experience, Mcquincyserve has been practicing information technology law exclusively since 1995. Now focused on the blockchain, the firm provides an innovative point of view through ethical and responsible management.

Mcquincyserve is the innovative, tech-savvy counsel required for today’s fast-paced global environment. Known for its unique approach of balancing creative legal strategies, technical expertise, and aggressive advocacy to achieve impressive results even in the most complex cases.

Combining the most advanced forensic techniques with our network of international consultants, Mcquincyserve represents a diverse range of experienced legal practitioners, providing an end-to-end solution for investigating, recovering, managing and disputing crypto assets.

At Mcquincyserve, we have a team of experts in the fields of crypto forensics, fraud investigation, and investment loss law, who are dedicated to helping individuals and companies that have been victimized by fraud or deceit in their internet or crypto-related business dealings. Our clients include those who have been misled into fraudulent investments, as well as companies that have been taken advantage of by unethical individuals or corporate entities. Our goal is to assist our clients in recovering their money and property, regardless of the nature of the business relationship.

Litigation Strategies

We understand that a comprehensive analysis of our clients’ damages is essential to formulating the most effective strategy for achieving a quick and fair resolution to their claim. Our initial analysis informs the strategies we employ to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients in the shortest possible time. We only take on cases that we believe in, and we conduct ourselves with professionalism and ethics in all our dealings. While we establish litigation strategies early on in each case, we keep our clients informed and reassess our strategies as needed to adapt to the changing circumstances of each case. We remain flexible yet steadfast in our commitment to securing the best possible result for each client, given the specific circumstances of their case.

Over 500 Satisfied Clients

Unlike any other firm, we don´t advertise our services or rely on Social Media. Rather, it has been our past and current clients who have been sharing our name and for that, we are sincerely grateful. At Mcquincyserve we focus on a consistent high standard legal service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Each case is unique, both our legal and forensic teams will strive to complete your case in the minimum possible time.

We work with clients worldwide. Whether you’re based in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, or anywhere else, we have experience collaborating with international clients from a wide range of industries and backgrounds. Our team is well-versed in the unique challenges and opportunities that come with working across borders, and we are committed to providing exceptional service to all of our clients, no matter where they are located.

We do offer a free consultation for eligible cases after an initial evaluation. Our team understands that each case is unique, and we want to ensure that we provide the most effective and tailored solution for your specific situation. That’s why we offer a free consultation to discuss your case in detail and determine the best course of action.